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What's Happening In August

July 29, 2017

What's Happening In August

The atmosphere in the gallery is buzzing as we work like busy little bees to prepare to exhibit the work of some amazing new Australian artists. Once again the quality of work we have received has knocked our socks off and every parcel delivered has been opened with the anticipation of a child on Christmas morning.

Please allow us to introduce our newest exhibitors here at Studio 42,

Ellinor Mazza is a jeweller and gallery owner who has sent us some very cool sterling silver geometric inspired work. Her gallery, Arbour, is located in Melbourne. Gallery's collaborating with gallery's, now that's what we're talking about!

Emily Becher has delivered textural heaven with her Tactility range of sterling silver & 9 karat gold stacking rings, earrings and necklaces. As per the name each piece features clean, crisp textures that are uniquely satisfying to the touch.

Tamara Dixon is the chain maker extraordinaire! Her range of pure silver, handmade chains, bracelets and earrings are superb. Pure silver = pure luxury and her pieces are certainly luxe. Handmaking chain is such a labour of love and each piece exudes a quality like nothing you have ever seen from mass produced, imported chain. Do yourselves a favour and check these out, they are flying off the shelf.

Jan-Maree Oliveira has introduced us to a specific technique and we love being surprised. When you have been in the industry as long as we have that doesn't happen often. Her pieces feature a traditional Japanese technique called Shibuichi. Some of these Shibuichi pieces remind us of shimmering dragon scales. Perfect to bring out your inner Daenerys Targeryen.

Vanessa Woolf has brought us a diverse range of pieces in sterling silver and 9 karat gold with some jaw dropping natural gemstones. Pink tourmaline, green tourmaline, orange sapphire, peridot, lemon quartz, garnet, topaz, amethyst, orange zircon. Are you drooling yet? Yeah, me too!

Sayeh Alizadeh is another new face in the gallery. Her work in sterling silver and yellow gold features a distinctive twist to some traditional designs like the tree of life. She has some great Briolette gems in some of her work, the natural Ametrine briolette earrings are not to be missed.

 Caity Lane from Metalhead jewellery has had us full of anticipation for the arrival of her jewellery and Man! She did not disappoint. Super heavy, oxidised, heavily textured sterling silver pieces that are not just for the boys! Get out the leather and zips, put on a piece of this extraordinary unisex jewellery and let you inner rock chick come out to play...and play hard!

We also have some new pieces from some of our original artists to top up their collections. Keep an eye out for new pieces from Haydn Wheeler, William Russell, Carolyn Stevenson, Anita Jamieson and Leonie Simpson.

Of course along with new beginnings there are also endings. This month we say goodbye to two artists. Linsey Houston of Girleewoo Jewellery will be leaving us as well as Susan McGinness. We would like to wish both of these lovely ladies all the best for the future in the jewellery industry, wherever this crazy road may taken them.

Did we mention that we have Afterpay coming soon? Oh yes friends, you read that right. Buy now, Pay sends shivers of excitement down my spine just writing about it. If you would like to notified when Afterpay goes live then you can sign up for our newsletter ( at the bottom of the homepage) . Then you can be one of the first to dive down the Afterpay rabbit hole and into a world of amazing wearable art that you can pay off over 8 weeks.

Well that's quite enough diversion for me, back to photographing these new pieces so you can see what I am raving about for yourselves.


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