Arita Ghedini


Arita Ghedini is an emerging contemporary jeweller based in Hobart, Tasmania. Her educational background in the arts includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts, UTAS (Graphic Design & Photography) and a Diploma in Visual Arts (Jewellery). Her arts practice spans the creation of jewellery and objects for exhibition, limited edition production and commissions.

Arita's work is informed by nature and influenced by art history; particularly jewellery of the Etruscan Civilisation and the Byzantine Period. She is fascinated by the sentimentality, importance and defining nature of bodily adornment.

Her most recent collection entitled 'Tokens and Relics' has been created in response to our human desire to preserve moments. Each piece is imprinted with a subtle motif or pattern from nature, purposefully chosen so as to invite the wearer to draw a personal connection.

The uneven, textured and embossed surfaces of these contemporary jewellery pieces are reminiscent of an uncovered ancient relic. A perfect metaphor for memory and life shaping events.

Through her work she aims to create items of sentiment, markers or moments and objects of personal meaning.




Sterling silver pendant with prehnite and rhodolite garnet RRP $155

Sterling silver granulation earrings RRP $190

Sterling silver tokens & relics bangles RRP $230 each

Sterling silver tokens & relics earrings RRP $115

Sterling silver stacking rings with garnet RRP $185 for the pair

Sterling silver black onyx earrings RRP $220

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