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Artist Bio's (L to Z)

Leonie Simpson

Leonie is a designer and maker  of jewellery and objects.

Based in Sydney, she creates small run jewellery collections, bespoke pieces and individual commissions. She studies jewellery and object design at The Design Centre, Enmore.

“I am interested in the sculptural qualities of jewellery that respond to the unique movements of the human body. A lot of my work currently uses traditional methods, especially wax carving. Using these techniques allow my work to bridge between the traditional and cultural methods of crafting and sculpting jewellery, and the precision of contemporary manufacturing and production techniques.

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Linda Liesmann


My Name is Linda Liesmann and I am Ringlet Designs.

I originate from Perth, WA, but crossed the great divide 3 years ago to live in Melbourne, Victoria.

Working from home in my “soul space”, I hand make jewellery in eco-friendly precious metals of silver and gold. I add colour and luminescence with locally sourced gemstones and pearls.

My style is honest and authentic. One of a kind works that have been thoughtfully designed with added symbolism (sometimes hidden).

The natural environment influences my design process and childhood memories of the sea, the moon, and the stars feature in my work.

I was educated in jewellery design and skills at Curtain University and Tafe WA. My study became my job and I filled the role of Jewellery Technician at Tafe WA for 5 happy years. I was surrounded by eager, talented students and skillful, patient tutors and their energy still inspires me to this day.

My hope is to create a little piece of art in each work I do and hope to leave a little piece of me in each design I make.

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Lisa Zhou


Originally from Hong Kong, Lisa Zhou is a Sydney based designer who had settled in Sydney for almost 2 decades. She once worked in the software industry but a unique encounter where she designed her engagement ring reignited her childhood passion in designing.

So she decided to embark on a new journey and enrol into the Jewellery and Object Design Diploma at the Design Center Tafe Enmore which she completed in 2012.

Lisa’s designs emphasise on details and curves to create a contemporary and elegant composition. Her designs are inspired by nature and historical aesthetics, interpreted into tangible wearable objects. She explores the contrast in colour, texture and materials to achieve


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Lynndy Young

Lynndy’s Passion for jewellery is more a natural birthright than a hobby taken up later in life.  Her maternal great grandfather was a traditional jeweller.  Her paternal grandmother, with whom she spent much time as a child was a contemporary jeweller and artist.  Whilst these two people never met each other, together, their creative work had a profound impact on Lynndy who remains fascinated and inspired by their creations.

Growing up in South Carolina, Lynndy would spend many hours fossicking through her grandmother and mother’s jewellery boxes.  She loved to try everything on, mesmerised by the brilliance revealed.  Belonging to a grandmother described as ‘strong and outrageous’ and a mother described as ‘strong and elegant’ these jewellery pieces contained a rich bounty of diverse pieces.

Lynndy filled much of her childhood following artistic pursuits.  She went on to complete a commerce degree and then moved to the UK where she met her future husband.  Lynndy moved to Perth where her 3 sons were born.  As the boys grew older, Lynndy was drawn back to her artisan roots.  This has culminated in the joining of 3 parallel journeys of discovery – that of self, family and artistry.

Lynndy enjoys creating pieces that reflect the fluidity of nature and the changes seasons.  She cleverly incorporates West Australian gumnuts, seed, and fauna and flora into her pieces, loves the beauty of imperfection, even after the delicate flower has passed to reveal its inner strength and foundations.  She also finds inspiration working with the rigidity and minimalism of geometric shapes.   ‘I am as eclectic as the two women who raised me!’  say Lynndy

Many of Lynndy’s pieces are commissioned original pieces.  She mainly works with silver but also enjoys working with gold and copper.

Recently won the People's Choice award at Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group WA Member's Exhibition, What Goes Around: at Turner Galleries in Perth, along with being Highly Commended for Technical Excellence.  Currently enrolled in the Diploma of Gemmology and a member of the Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group WA and the Gemmology Association of Australia.

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Mary Turner

I am an Australian jewellery artist based in Melbourne.My passion for jewellery making led me to undertake 2 years of full time study to obtain my Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology – Jewellery.

I found my love of jewellery making in an accidental fashion when I joined a Lapidary Club in 2009, where I was introduced to the art of cutting and polishing stones.  This is where I was also first introduced to silversmithing, so that we could use our lovely stones in pieces of jewellery.  Hence my love affair with jewellery fabrication began and consequently I have been creating jewellery ever since.

My style is very eclectic and is influenced by the techniques I enjoy experimenting with, such as Filigree, and the inspiration that I derive from nature and its beauty.

I enjoy creating jewellery pieces that are functional as well as artistic and can be worn several ways, such as interchangeable or reversible designs.  My jewellery often tends to be organic in design and reflects aspects of the things I love most, such as flora, fauna, gems, and the use of rocks.

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Paola Raggo


I came from far away, from Chile, a long and thin country at the other side of the world, that has on one side the Andes Mountains and to the other the Pacific Ocean.

I started my way in Arts studying Visual Arts at the University of Chile. I studied painting, but later was captivated by the endless possibilities of metal and jewellery making. That’s why I think I got caught developing my work between two worlds, one is flat and colourful and the other is shinny and volumetric: I also see this tension manifest in considering what I do as art or design.

Throughout my 25-year career as a metalsmith, I have explored and deepened mainly in the issue of colour using various materials and techniques such as resin, acrylics and enamels, mostly applied to silver. Now I’m more concerned with the contrast between light and darkness. Some themes such as ecology, personal fate and geographical coordinates, and social inequalities have also inspired some of my lines of exploration.

I’ve participated in numerous jewellery exhibitions, being “Delirio y Cordura” (Delusion and Sanity) at Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco-USA and “Aureus Feeling” at Creativity Oggetti Gallery, Torino-Italy the most remarkable lately.

In most of my career, parallel to my productive work, I’ve been a jewellery teacher, at my own studio or at schools that I have cofounded such as Filigrana and Raggo+Correa Jewellery School back in Santiago-Chile

Now I work at my studio in Brisbane continuing my constant search for creative designs exploring new paths in this endless world of jewellery making, relating and sharing my work with the thriving local community of colleagues.

 View Paola's collection here


Peter Covington

Peter Covington is no stranger to the arts in its many mediums having created cherished works of art in paint, wrought iron, tapestry, pottery and jewellery making to name a few. Living in Eaglehawk in Central Victoria, Peter is an active member of his local gem and lapidary club where he is able to indulge his love of gemstones and minerals. 

Peters work features only natural, untreated gemstones in differing stages from rough, to polished, cabochon to faceted some of which he has cut and polished himself. Different textures and colour combinations are used to create stunning pieces that celebrate the unparalleled beauty of Mother Nature's finest offerings.

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Ruth Casey

Ruth graduated from The Institute of Technology in 2013 with an Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Design and Manufacture and received the 'Bench Dedication' award for her year. Since then she has found a niche creating simple, elegant and feminine jewellery using a combination of roller-printing, gypsy-setting and Keum Boo, an ancient Korean technique in which 24ct gold is fused to fine silver. Ruth believes there is nothing quite like creating each piece individually to ensure they have that handmade touch. Ruth also teaches seasonally at one of Perth's private jewellery schools, Contemporary Metal. 

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Sandra Vallianos


Sandra is currently studying Jewellery and Object Design at Melbourne Polytechnic and enjoys working with a diverse range of mediums. She considers herself an explorer of materials and often combines conventional and non- conventional practises to her work. She has a creative response to infuse colour, chemistry and experimentation into her work and is inspired by visual resources such as nature, colour, texture and architecture. Learning new techniques and technologies is also integral part of her practice. Sandra enjoys the challenge of producing minimal yet bold and striking work and is motivated to ensure her pieces evoke and demand conversation.

The ‘Urban Collection’ is a collection of graphic and colourful pieces of jewellery created and handcrafted in Melbourne. Works are made from a specially treated Aluminium and or Laminate which is formed, cut and constructed. The imagery process involves hand dying, painting or digitally applying design work, which is later heat-treated resulting in a permanent infusion of pigment and everlasting colour vibrancy.

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Sayeh Alizadeh


Sayeh is a Melbourne based qualified jeweller specialising in custom designed and hand crafted pieces. She has more than 7 years of experience in making jewellery. She started creating her own jewellery as a hobby and followed through with formal tertiary education in graphic design and traditional jewellery manufacture in NMIT.

Sayeh uses environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced material which have been supplied locally to craft her exquisite jewellery.
She has been awarded the People’s Choice Award at the International Jewellery Fair held by the Jewellers Association of Australia in 2013.
View Sayeh's collection here

Shianne Thompson


Shianne Thompson is an artist based in Sydney, but grew up on the Far South Coast of New South Wales. She is currently majoring in Jewellery and Object at Sydney College of the Arts. Her pieces are associated with ideas about the environments decomposition lifecycle. The jewellery making process  begins with observational drawings of nature, investigating the ephemerality and unusual organic forms that are often over looked. The metal then becomes a creation of this process.

 View Shianne's collection here



Sonya Kelly


A classically trained manufacturing jeweller specialising in hand made unique and rare designs Sonya is based on the Mornington Peninsula and has been in the jewellery industry for over 25 years. Often drawing inspiration from the beauty and ruggedness of its dramatic coastline to the artistry of its many time worn and gnarled trees, Sonya's designs are truly one of a kind.  

 “Just as people are not perfect copies of one another, my designs are one of a kind. All pieces are handmade and have small subtleties making them all the more organic and real, some have an antiquated presence almost as if they had been found in a Tudor England archaeological dig site.”

“I love to create what I call “modern treasure” and I believe that the design and purchase of jewellery is, and should always be, an impassioned experience.”

 All of Sonya's designs are hand made and feature pitted, hammered or grainy finishes to the bands and settings, lending to them a certain character and charm.

The precious and semi-precious gemstones are hand chosen from International suppliers and include but are not limited to:

Diamonds White, Cognac and Black, Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot, Kunzite, Zircon, various coloured Sapphires and Tahitian and South Sea Pearls.

Only quality sterling silver along with 18, 14 and 9 carat golds are used when creating pieces.

Exhibitions and Shows.

Bromley & Co Melbourne, VIC

Perth WA at “Behind The Monkey”

Brisbane QLD at “Bosz Gallery”

Dromana VIC at “Felix Unique Antique Boutique”

The exhibitions garnered favourable mixed media exposure through online, print newspaper and magazine and radio broadcasting

“Seasons” September 2016

“Temptress” featuring “ A Game of Stones”  September 2014

“Rock and Roll Pearls for Girls” May 2014

Extension of “Temptress” featuring “ A Game of Stones” 2014

“Carbon Noir,”  December 2013

“Assorted Treasure” June 2013

  View Sonya's collection here



 Tamara Dixon

My inspiration comes from combining my European and African backgrounds. My designs have shifted away from the emphasis of wealth and status that traditional jewellery offers, to an exploration of the simplicity of forms. In my design work, this is embodied aesthetically through the repetition of simple forms to create complex designs.

I concentrate on the ancient technique of chain making. I work exclusively in fine silver, for the purity of the metal and the durability it affords. Along with traditional designs, my contemporary chain designs tend to incorporate texturing and weaving metal techniques. These ranges have been extended to include contemporary materials such as rubber.
I hand make all of the jump rings, and every jump ring is soldered, to produce a durable piece of miniature sculpture in the form of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and cufflinks.

View Tamara's collection here


Vanessa Woolf

My name is Vanessa and I’m based in country NSW. I am a qualified jeweller, having completed Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture and a 4 year apprenticeship in Sydney. I’ve been in the jewellery industry for 15 years.

In 2016 I created my own business, V Jeweller. I love working for myself and the artistic freedom I now have. My passion is for good quality hand-made jewellery.

My style is quite eclectic, however I do tend to lean towards the traditional. My artistic inspirations come from everywhere, but predominantly from nature, geometrics, balance, and very often the gemstone itself is the basis of the design.

Having hand made all of my pieces, they are all unique pieces of miniature art. Making jewellery by hand means I can give each piece the attention to detail and quality it deserves.

 View Vanessa's collection here



William Russell

William is an Australian jewellery designer who creates from his studio in beautiful Cairns, far north Queensland. He is skilled in the art of traditional and contemporary jewellery design.

William specialises in limited edition production and custom made jewellery. William’s latest designs bring new life to old currency. An addition of silver or gold, transform coinage into bespoke, cherished items of jewellery.

“RemembeRings” or coin rings, are specifically designed as a way to acknowledge a personal connection, even an occasion in time or perhaps a nostalgic memory

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