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Artist Bio's (A to K)

Aimee Page


Aimee Page is a jeweller based in Melbourne, Victoria. Aimee has a background in fashion and jewellery, having studied in both Geelong and Box Hill.

After working in the fashion industry for 6 years, Aimee decided she would love to further explore her hobby of jewellery making, and enrolled in the Advanced Diploma of Engineering (Jewellery) at Box Hill institute of Tafe.

After graduating in 2007, Aimee has since worked in various roles in the jewellery industry

Aimee currently works from her home-based studio in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

In 2008, Aimee was the recipient of the Kaiserman prize, and has exhibited her work in several outlets across the country.

Specialising in sterling silver and semi-precious and non-precious gem stones, Aimee is inspired by many things, predominantly native Australian flora.

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Albert Tse

Artist Statement

Albert Tse has always had a fascination in making things, from a hot dog bean bag in year 8 art class to a glass blowing workshop in Manly many years later. So when he was looking at a pottery class in mid 2013 and the classes filled up, he ended up in a Jewellery course and felt that this was what was missing in life. The stars aligned and six weeks later he left his career in logistics and was in Florence studying at one of the best contemporary jewellery schools - Alchimia. There he was taught both the traditional jewellery making techniques and also  contemporary design. It was a mixture of  both the old and the new, something that he has taken on board to develop his own unique style – that is a modern take on the traditional.   

 Artist Biography

Albert Tse is a wanderer, dreamer, cook and a metalsmith. Born in the city of Sydney, and in his early years he did a stint as a cook at a British Japanese restaurant where he had an outlet for his creativity. This allowed him to save some money to head overseas to see and wander through parts of Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Once he returned to Australia he went on to study a Bachelor of Business and Commerce degree majoring in international business. He ended up working in logistics for a number of years before his creative side came calling and decided  to move to Florence in 2013 to study at Alchimia where his work was well received in Valencia and Flornece. When he moved back to Sydney he spent some time in the Jewellery + Object design course at the Design Centre in Enmore creating a new body of work based on recycling that stuck a cord with many people. Now he is working out of his studio designing and making his signature Wanderer series and putting his personal aesthetic on commissioned makes.   


2014 - Jewellery + Object Design, Enmore, Australia

2013 - Alchimia study program, Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence, Italy

2009 - Bachelor of Business and Commerce (International Business) University of Western Sydney, Australia

Group Exhibitions

2016 - Takeaway 16, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, New South Wales

2016 - A time of gifts, Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney, New South Wales

2016 - Furari, SquareSpace, Marrickville, New South Wales

2016 - Stories in small spaces, Gympie Regional Gallery, Gympie, Queensland
2015 - Pendulum, Wooll00ngabba Art Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland

2015 - Stories in small spaces, Impress Gallery, Kedron, Queensland
2014 - Landmark, Sydney, New South Wales
2014 - Seeds, Alchimia, Florence, Italy
2014 - Alchimic Gardens - Melting Point, Fabrika 12, Valencia, Spain

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Amanda Newton


After completing a four year apprenticeship in Jewellery Manufacture and Design I decided to open up my own business and workshop. Based just north of Mandurah, I started my business MBM Jewellery Design in 2009. After nearly ten years as a qualified jeweller I have also worked at a number of different jewellers across Western Australia. I did this in an attempt to broaden and expand my jewellery knowledge and experiences.

I have entered a number of jewellery competitions. From the Australian Jewellery Design Awards in 2006. I was a finalist in both the Apprentice Design and Craftsmanship and Apprentice Design Award Categories. I won the Apprentice Design Award with a headpiece named “Aquatica”. In 2007 I entered the Next Generation Jewellery Design Awards and was a finalist in the Me, Myself and I category. Last year I entered the Cygnet Bay Pearl, Australian Pearl Jewellery Design Competition. The pendant, “Inception” can be seen in the centre of my showcase. It’s an extremely versatile piece that can be worn up either way. The coloured titanium sheet can also be removed, if desired, by unscrewing the diamond flower on the back.

I now have a young family. A two and a half year old daughter and 11 month old son. In between looking after them and being a stay at home mum I still love to make jewellery! From remodelling old, unwanted jewellery into new exciting pieces. Repairing broken, sentimental pieces that are still being loved and worn. To making one off commission pieces like the ones in this showcase. Being a jeweller is extremely rewarding, challenging and exciting. It’s something I have great passion for and plan on doing for as long as I possibly can!

All of my pieces in this showcase are fully handmade and set by me. Something I pride myself on and consider an important feature of my work. I also refuse to duplicate my work. If somebody requests a remake of a piece I have already made I will not remake it unless they change a certain amount of it. I believe if you are willing to pay extra for a quality handmade item then it should be a one of a kind as well!

 View Amanda's collection here



 Anita Jamieson

My workshop has become somewhat of a sanctuary of late and the pieces that I create come from a place that I’m entirely myself: not homemaker, not wife, not mother, daughter or sister.

I began my own business in 2012 after completing my Apprenticeship and continued to do mainly repairs, remodelling and new makes. I enjoy collaborating with my customers and often recycling their old jewellery to create them a special piece of ‘Bling”!

This year I’m also pushing myself to create some of the pieces I’ve always wanted to make without any design guidelines or limitations. My style is quite eclectic; often whimsical, theatrical and inspired by the stones themselves. I love playing with colour and shape combinations and think that jewellery should be above all fun, enjoyable and make you feel AMAZING when you wear it!

Finalist: AGR Matthey Next Generation Design Awards (2007)

Finalist: Jewellery Awards of Australia (2008 & 2010)

4th Year WA Jewellery Apprentice of the Year (2010)

Entrant in Cygnet Bay Australian Pearl Jewellery Design Competition (2016)

Artisan Australian Jewellers Showcase (2017)

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Anna-Margot Millton


I was brought up in an arts oriented household with my Mum as a trained artist and my Dad as a rock hound. They both encouraged us all to pursue our own interests so from an early age I began my fascination with rocks and the skilled detail required to create jewellery. At 14 I was introduced to the art of enamelling, from that moment I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

In the early 80’s I moved back to Australia and in 1985 started my own business. In 1986 I opened the doors of my shop selling tools and equipment, making jewellery as well as repairing and teaching others how to make jewellery. In 2008 I closed my shop and went back to my roots working from home and caring for my elderly parents and my daughter. 

As well as teaching jewellery making, enamelling and creating works for exhibition I am editor in chief of Metal Stone and Glass magazine and president of the Queensland Enamellers Guild. Craft and Art have always been a part of my life and I love to share my passion with everyone.

 View Anna-Margot's collection here



Arita Ghedini


Arita Ghedini is an emerging contemporary jeweller based in Hobart, Tasmania. Her educational background in the arts includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts, UTAS (Graphic Design & Photography) and a Diploma in Visual Arts (Jewellery). Her arts practice spans the creation of jewellery and objects for exhibition, limited edition production and commissions.

Arita's work is informed by nature and influenced by art history; particularly jewellery of the Etruscan Civilisation and the Byzantine Period. She is fascinated by the sentimentality, importance and defining nature of bodily adornment.

Her most recent collection entitled 'Tokens and Relics' has been created in response to our human desire to preserve moments. Each piece is imprinted with a subtle motif or pattern from nature, purposefully chosen so as to invite the wearer to draw a personal connection.

The uneven, textured and embossed surfaces of these contemporary jewellery pieces are reminiscent of an uncovered ancient relic. A perfect metaphor for memory and life shaping events.

Through her work she aims to create items of sentiment, markers or moments and objects of personal meaning.

 View Arita's collection here



Caity Lane

Metalhead Jewellery consists of handcrafted, sterling silver pieces with a focus on landscape and natural textures. Each work is created with individuality in mind to ensure an original piece for those who appreciate the unusual.

Metalhead was established in 2015 by silversmith Caity Lane after completing a Bachelor of Design at the UNSW Art and Design school (formally College of Fine Arts) in 2014. Since leaving this program Caity has focused on developing an artistic practice that channels a love of making and exploration with the unusual, harnessed into quality construction and wearability.

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Carolyn Stevenson


I am a trade qualified jeweller from the Rockhampton area in Queensland. I enjoy a rural lifestyle with my husband, miniature Belted Galloway cattle, pet dog and pet blind albino Braham calf.

At 18 years of age I worked at a local jewellery store that had a manufacturing jeweller onsite. He would show me what he was making and how he was making it and I have been interested in hand making ever since.

Qualifications & Training:

Basic silver smithing- Rockhampton TAFE

Apprenticeship-Jeweller-Southbank Institute of Technology

Hand engraving & stone setting courses- Taught by Diamond award winning jeweller Rex Merten

I am a member of the Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia. Members abide by a set of standards of material and their work is identified as genuinely made in Australia. My Stamp is CJ standing for Carella Jewellers. The inspiration behind the name Carella is a combination of Carolyn & Janelle, in memory of my best friend Janelle who passed away in 2011.

I go through theme phases - some include

*Sharp angles, patterns with triangles, frosted & brushed finishes, inlay, and two tone pieces

*Pastel tones, pearl jewellery & filigree accents - influences are soft, delicate, feminine, floral ideas & waves.

*Titanium pieces are bold, bright, colourful and one of a kind.

 View Carolyn's collection here



Christine Pyman

Well known Australian Designer -Jeweller Christine A Pyman is best known for her “ JOYOUS WOMAN ” range of brooches. This range of work is designed to express the celebration and sheer exuberance of joy. Christine’s work is gaining world wide appreciation, with joyous women all over the world recognising themselves in the energy of these cleverly designed and well made pieces.

Christine has participated in over 70 exhibitions, and she is regularly asked to exhibit her work in many different galleries.

Some of Christine’s other achievements include-:  in 2000, being selected to represent Australia at the Munich International Craft Fair, and later in the same year was part of the Australian promotion at Karstedt, Munich.

2001, awarded a Commendation in the Design Institute of Australia Awards, and consequently invited to judge the awards in following years.

2002, being invited to participate in the Australia - Korea Foundation’s 10th Anniversary  Exhibition in Seoul, Sth Korea.

2003 , 2004  & 2005 selected finalist in the international competition, The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize.

2004, invited exhibitor for the Australian Designer Jewellery Exhibition, Hong Kong, Shanghai & Beijing, China

2005, chosen as “ Best of 2004 ” by PostPicasso- a U.S. based international art  consultancy company

2005 & 2006, invited to collaborate with Barrie Tucker on the design, and then manufacture The Orlando Jacob's Creek World Food Media Awards

2006, awarded Fellow of The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia – one of only three in South Australia

2009, opened Lustre Galleries Fine Designer Jewellery, Adelaide

2012, SA representative of The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia

2012,  took Lustre Galleries online, facebook/LustreGalleriesHomepage

Currently, Christine continues to practise JOY.    

 View Christine's collection here



Dianne Dunstall


Dianne is a Perth based jeweller with a love of light and colour – most evident in her enamel work.  An interest which has led to an exploration in both experimental and traditional enamel techniques – producing works ranging from the fun to the fine.

Dianne’s diverse range of interests and natural curiosity leads her to find inspiration everywhere; with an eclectic style reflected in the various materials she enjoys working with, which includes: silver, glass, ceramics and enamel.

Each of Dianne’s pieces is handmade and therefore unique, with works being exhibited both nationally and internationally.

 View Dianne's collection here



Ellinor Mazza

Ellinor Mazza is a Melbourne based jeweller and designer. Obsessed with geometric shapes and how they appear and repeat in our everyday lives, she seeks to build these forms into comfortable, wearable designer pieces. Working in a number of materials and methods, Ellinor maintains a strong focus on Australian production and hand fabrication.

Ellinor completed her Advanced Diploma in Engineering (Jewellery) at Northern Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2006 (now Melbourne Polytechnic).

She also owns and operates a jewellery boutique in Melbourne called Arbor

 View Ellinor's collection here



Emily Becher

Emily’s work has a strong focus on texture, forever evolving the tactile experience of jewellery and bringing to life the deep connection that one has with their choice of adornment.

Combining traditional techniques with contemporary design; meticulous hand-crafting and finishing, personalised details that transform jewellery into wearable art – these are the hallmarks of an Emily Becher creation. 

 View Emily's collection here



Erin Venville


Established in 2006 erin.k is a treasure trove of beautiful and unique designs.

Located in Melbourne’s Eastern suburb of Croydon South, Erin Kate Venville (the talent behind the erin.k label) designs and creates beautifully made pieces, greatly influenced and inspired by the vast colour palette, textures and elements of nature.  

Erin combines her love of photography, wildlife, and exploring natural elements with her passion for creating interesting, wearable jewellery with a sense of whimsy.

Erin is a versatile designer and can make everything from ready-to-wear, everyday jewellery to custom made engagement and wedding rings.

View Erin's collection here 



Gemma Grace


Photo Credit: Matthew Grace

Gemma Grace is a Melbourne-based contemporary jeweller whose unique aesthetic emerges from a combination of self-taught techniques and formal training.

Gemma’s fascination with jewellery began as a child, drawn to ancient jewels, exotic artefacts found in National Geographic magazines, and the simple treasures found in her mother’s jewellery collection. Her initial direction in life involved formal studies in anthropology and the humanities but the creative pull of jewellery and design inspired her to pursue a different vocational path.

Gemma’s work explores her strong interest in the symbolic, decorative, protective, and deeply sentimental role of jewellery in everyday life and ritual. Her designs are strongly influenced by the patterns and textures inherent in the natural world – in geometry, living organisms and organic structures.

 View Gemma's collection here



Geoff Marion & Kerry Schilke: Definitive Designs

With a combined experience of over 50 years, Geoff and Kerry of Definitive designs are experts in their craft. 

Starting as an opal and gem cutter in 1986, Geoff has worked in every facet of the jewellery industry, including working as a pattern maker for a major national manufacturer.

Kerry has served her apprenticeship at some of Melbourne's top jewellery houses, winning many of Australia's top design awards along the way.

  • Best 1st year apprentice
  • Best 2nd year apprentice
  • Best 3rd year apprentice
  • J.A.A. National Design Awards best 2nd year apprentice
  • J.A.A. National Design Awards best apprentice overall
  • J.A.A. National Design Awards apprentice design and craftsmanship award
  • J.A.A. National Design Awards gold design finalist 
  • De Beers Diamond Facets Awards finalist
  • G.I.A. Australian Gemstone Design Awards finalist
  • World Skills Australia gold medalist

 View Geoff & Kerry's collection here



 Geraldine Free

Geraldine has trained in both traditional and contemporary jewellery techniques, however is not constrained by either approach.

She considers the design of each piece of jewellery and selects the most appropriate method of manufacture, frequently combining the best of both disciplines - incorporating the use of both organic and fine silversmithing methods within individual pieces.

She enjoys designing and manufacturing individual pieces of jewellery that will be worn and admired years after her lifetime and has produced, on a number of occasions, individual commission pieces each with very unique designs.

Geraldine has always had a fascination for Tibetan and Egyptian jewellery, the designs and meaning.  Having travelled to many different countries in the world, she likes to use memories or images from her travels as inspiration. 

Entered Artisan Jewellers showcase WA 2017

 View Geraldine's collection here 



Gillian Hillman


After working for many years with precious stones Gillian has returned to an exploration of texture in metals. Altering and disturbing the play of light can redefine a piece and give it a whimsical and eye catching air. Japanese sword inlay alloys, such as shibuichi and shakudo, layered and inlaid to create unusual effects, have been subtly incorporated into her work. Interesting surface patterns, from brushed, to matt and finely grained, or scribed textures give her classic gold and silver designs a contemporary edge. Oxidised elements add depth and another dimension to her memorable pieces which have been enthusiastically collected for many years by jewellery lovers. Every now and then an amazing gem will appear, as her passion for beautiful stones such as opal, unusual sapphires, beryls and tourmalines has not abated. Rubies, diamonds and emeralds will periodically make an appearance as the design dictates.

Her simple, yet unusual designs have a longevity that is timeless. And there is a quirky air, eliminating the formality that so often accompanies precious stone jewellery.

Awards & Grants

1981 Ministry for the Arts Traineeship offer

1979 E.Puzsar Special Award for Jewellery RMIT

1977 Award Best 2nd Year Student RMIT Melbourne


1976 1977 Diploma of Art(Gold and Silversmithing Design) RMIT Melbourne

1979 1975 Bachelor of Economics – Monash University Melbourne Applied


Gillian has been involved in group & solo exhibitions of her work since graduating from art school. She has had a solo exhibition at Makers Mark , Melbourne in 1985 & another at Alliance Francaise in St Kilda in 2012 as well as taking part in many group exhibitions around the country in the intervening years. Her private practice has been operating for more than 30 years.

Professional Practice

1989-present Studio/Workshop in St Kilda

1982-1988 Studio at Meat Market Craft Centre, North Melbourne

 View Gillian's Collection here



Heath & Amber Lyons


Heath Lyons is a qualified manufacturing jeweller working from his workshop in Eaglehawk, Victoria. With nearly 20 years in the industry under his belt, Heath enjoys working with his clients to bring their dreams and ideas to life. Heath uses a variety of manufacturing techniques and materials to create jewellery with structural integrity, beauty and meaning. He aims to create pieces that will stand the test of time and become treasured family heirlooms to be passed down and admired for generations to come.

Amber Lyons is an avid lover and collector of gemstones and minerals. Her creations are often quirky, always unique, inspired by the world around her, her travels and the things that manage to catch and hold her attention. Studio 42 Gallery is her brainchild, her baby and her sanctuary.

 View Amber's collection here

 View Heath's collection here



Ian Buchanan

Born in 1941, Ian Buchanan was raised in Melbourne. Educated at Geelong Grammar and under the close guidance of Australian national sporting hero, John Landy (a teacher of natural history), he was influenced and nurtured in his great appreciation for excellence in detail, empathy for the environment and the natural order of things.

lan's inate creative ability was given its head during ten years of rural living and farm management which included (by choice) blacksmithing, implement design and construction. Later, on a cattle station northwest of Alice Springs, jackerooing for months on end, he would enjoy the company of the local black stockmen and their appreciation and eye for detail has influenced him strongly ever since. These influences are strongly reflected in the works Ian produces in all metals. "Sometimes a theme to me can be interpreted in bronze as opposed to gold or in some other metal because of the subject matter and the way in which I relate to it."

 "I enjoy being given commissions. To me the satisfaction of giving a client what they really want is paramount and translates to the ultimate in achievement. Identifying and discerning what a client really wants is the problem. Their solution is for me to embrace and dimensionalise their vision."

 From 1984 Ian owned and lived aboard a 1932 Dutch cargo barge, 26m x 4.8m, which he converted into a living ship with work shop and travelled the canals and rivers of Holland, Belgium, France and Germany for 14 years. Ian now lives and works on 120 acre's of pasture and rain forest in the Tweed Valley where he has built his own home.

 View Ian's collection here



 Jan-Maree Oliveira

Jan-Maree is a NSW jeweller whose objective is to create jewellery and objects that draw on form and textures inherent in nature, living organisms and organic structures. She seeks out an aesthetic that offers a tangible connection to the natural world.

Her education in manufacturing of jewellery and objects is extensive. She has achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts, An Advanced Diploma in Engineering and Technology at NMIT and an Advanced Diploma in Jewellery Design.

View Jan-Maree's collection here



Jewels of the Kimberley - Jodi Penfold



The finest materials on Earth demand a delicate eye for detail and a tendency towards perfectionism. This is the guiding principle of Jodi Penfold and the dynamic team at Jewels of the Kimberley, a modern atelier founded in 2005 in Broome, Western Australia.  A town famous for its South Sea pearling history and the gateway to the Kimberley and the famous Argyle pink diamonds.  Jodi started her career in Queensland and first opened the Jewels of the Kimberley studio in Broome at just 24 years of age. With a wall of accolades and awards which continually increases each year, Jodi and her team of jewellery designers, manufacturers and sales consultants love to share their passion of fine jewellery making and customer care.

“To me it’s so important that each design is visually interesting from every angle. Each piece tells the story of a lifetime and should always stand out from the crowd “says Jodi Penfold, a trained gemmologist and jeweller, as well as creative director.  Her distinctive designs celebrate the beauty of the Kimberley and its rare natural bounty, with professional knowledge and a dazzling supply of natural gems, Jewels of the Kimberley can create an exceptional piece for you or a loved one that will stand the test of time.

 View the Jewels Of the Kimberley collection here



Joanne Gillies


Based in the Outer Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, I started working in the jewellery industry in 2002, working my way along in a manufacturing jewellery store from retail sales, to assistant manager, and then branching into design. Wanting to be able to create jewellery from my designs myself I began learning basic skills in jewellery manufacture and repair, and in 2008 I completed the Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - Jewellery at NMIT (North Melbourne Institute of TAFE).
Working for myself since October 2009, I have been able to branch out from traditional gold and silversmithing, into more ornamental works, such as snow domes, which I have developed a little bit of an obsession with! I also enjoy incorporating colour into my work using metal rather than stones.

In April 2015 I became a Practicing Affiliate member of The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia.

 View Joanne's collection here



Jodie Cambrey


After completing a Diploma in Jewellery Engineering and a Diploma in Gemmology, Jodie has been involved in the design and manufacture of jewellery pieces in traditional metals of gold and silver, and also likes to incorporate coloured gemstones and Australian hardwoods into many designs. 


Drawn to irregular patterns and forms, along with fun ideas, Jodie likes to make meaningful objects for their wearer to enjoy.  Producing only on a small scale in Ballarat, Victoria, Jodie has a firm belief that jewellery should be celebrated as everyday items.


 View Jodie's collection here