Christine Pyman

Well known Australian Designer -Jeweller Christine A Pyman is best known for her “ JOYOUS WOMAN ” range of brooches. This range of work is designed to express the celebration and sheer exuberance of joy. Christine’s work is gaining world wide appreciation, with joyous women all over the world recognising themselves in the energy of these cleverly designed and well made pieces.

Christine has participated in over 70 exhibitions, and she is regularly asked to exhibit her work in many different galleries.

Some of Christine’s other achievements include-:  in 2000, being selected to represent Australia at the Munich International Craft Fair, and later in the same year was part of the Australian promotion at Karstedt, Munich.

2001, awarded a Commendation in the Design Institute of Australia Awards, and consequently invited to judge the awards in following years.

2002, being invited to participate in the Australia - Korea Foundation’s 10th Anniversary  Exhibition in Seoul, Sth Korea.

2003 , 2004  & 2005 selected finalist in the international competition, The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize.

2004, invited exhibitor for the Australian Designer Jewellery Exhibition, Hong Kong, Shanghai & Beijing, China

2005, chosen as “ Best of 2004 ” by PostPicasso- a U.S. based international art  consultancy company

2005 & 2006, invited to collaborate with Barrie Tucker on the design, and then manufacture The Orlando Jacob's Creek World Food Media Awards

2006, awarded Fellow of The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia – one of only three in South Australia

2009, opened Lustre Galleries Fine Designer Jewellery, Adelaide

2012, SA representative of The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia

2012,  took Lustre Galleries online, facebook/LustreGalleriesHomepage

Currently, Christine continues to practise JOY.