Emily Becher

Emily’s work has a strong focus on texture, forever evolving the tactile experience of jewellery and bringing to life the deep connection that one has with their choice of adornment.

Combining traditional techniques with contemporary design; meticulous hand-crafting and finishing, personalised details that transform jewellery into wearable art – these are the hallmarks of an Emily Becher creation. 




Sterling silver tactility stacked bangles, polished or oxidised RRP $120 each

Sterling silver with gold plate Chisel ring RRP $280

Sterling silver oxidised icicles ring RRP $280

Sterling silver & rose gold plate wide tactility ring RRP $310

Sterling silver oxidised intertwine necklace RRP $135

Sterling silver shape necklaces RRP $70 each

For more information on these pieces, to check availability or to make a purchase please contact the gallery by clicking here.