Gemma Grace


Photo Credit: Matthew Grace

Gemma Grace is a Melbourne-based contemporary jeweller whose unique aesthetic emerges from a combination of self-taught techniques and formal training.

Gemma’s fascination with jewellery began as a child, drawn to ancient jewels, exotic artefacts found in National Geographic magazines, and the simple treasures found in her mother’s jewellery collection. Her initial direction in life involved formal studies in anthropology and the humanities but the creative pull of jewellery and design inspired her to pursue a different vocational path.

Gemma’s work explores her strong interest in the symbolic, decorative, protective, and deeply sentimental role of jewellery in everyday life and ritual. Her designs are strongly influenced by the patterns and textures inherent in the natural world – in geometry, living organisms and organic structures.




 Oxidised sterling silver compressed granulation earrings with pearl RRP $249

Sterling silver earrings with rhodolite garnet RRP $140

Sterling silver babushka doll earrings with ruby RRP $185

Oxidised sterling silver drop earrings with pearls RRP $90

Sterling silver compressed granulation earrings with garnets RRP $225

Sterling silver ring with ruby RRP $165

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