Paola Raggo


I came from far away, from Chile, a long and thin country at the other side of the world, that has on one side the Andes Mountains and to the other the Pacific Ocean.

I started my way in Arts studying Visual Arts at the University of Chile. I studied painting, but later was captivated by the endless possibilities of metal and jewellery making. That’s why I think I got caught developing my work between two worlds, one is flat and colourful and the other is shinny and volumetric: I also see this tension manifest in considering what I do as art or design.

Throughout my 25-year career as a metalsmith, I have explored and deepened mainly in the issue of colour using various materials and techniques such as resin, acrylics and enamels, mostly applied to silver. Now I’m more concerned with the contrast between light and darkness. Some themes such as ecology, personal fate and geographical coordinates, and social inequalities have also inspired some of my lines of exploration.

I’ve participated in numerous jewellery exhibitions, being “Delirio y Cordura” (Delusion and Sanity) at Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco-USA and “Aureus Feeling” at Creativity Oggetti Gallery, Torino-Italy the most remarkable lately.

In most of my career, parallel to my productive work, I’ve been a jewellery teacher, at my own studio or at schools that I have cofounded such as Filigrana and Raggo+Correa Jewellery School back in Santiago-Chile

Now I work at my studio in Brisbane continuing my constant search for creative designs exploring new paths in this endless world of jewellery making, relating and sharing my work with the thriving local community of colleagues.




Sterling silver street map ring RRP $145

Sterling silver Pearl studs RRP $80

Sterling silver street map ring RRP $145

Sterling silver moonstone pendant RRP $182

Sterling silver moonstone pendant RRP $182

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