Tamara Dixon

My inspiration comes from combining my European and African backgrounds. My designs have shifted away from the emphasis of wealth and status that traditional jewellery offers, to an exploration of the simplicity of forms. In my design work, this is embodied aesthetically through the repetition of simple forms to create complex designs.

I concentrate on the ancient technique of chain making. I work exclusively in fine silver, for the purity of the metal and the durability it affords. Along with traditional designs, my contemporary chain designs tend to incorporate texturing and weaving metal techniques. These ranges have been extended to include contemporary materials such as rubber. 
I hand make all of the jump rings, and every jump ring is soldered, to produce a durable piece of miniature sculpture in the form of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and cufflinks.




Pure silver, handmade bracelets with sterling silver clasps RRP $100 each

Pure silver earrings with sterling silver hooks RRP $50

For more information on these pieces, to check availability or to make a purchase please contact the gallery by clicking here.