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Emerald: 0.75ct Natural Untreated Colombian Emerald Set of 3

Emerald is arguably the most recognised and the most valuable member of the Beryl family of gemstones and alongside Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond, is considered to be one of the top four most precious gems in the world.

Colombia is the most famous location for Emerald mining in the world however good quality Emerald material is currently being mined from Brazil, Zambia, South America and Africa. Emeralds mined from these alternative locations will often show slightly different colour tones to the deep " emerald green" associated with the finest gem quality from Colombia. Colombia is the international center of emerald mining. The Muzo Mine, northwest of Bogotá, produces fine-quality stones of a deep green color.

Natural Emerald material of high, gem quality is becoming rare and as a rule of thumb the specimens with depth of colour and outstanding clarity will fetch the highest prices. Most emerald material will have visible inclusions that may appear as cloudiness, tiny fissures and cracks. These inclusions serve as an easy way to identify natural emerald from synthetic material which makes up 95% of all emerald gems seen on the shelves of large, generic, mass produced jewellery stores. 

Most natural emerald material will be treated using oil to fill these tiny cracks and fissures. Oiled emeralds need to be treated with care when being cleaned to avoid the oil being removed and leaving the stone looking worse for wear. Unless stated otherwise it is safest to assume that any natural emerald has been oiled.

Although emerald has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, the natural inclusions in emerald make it somewhat brittle. Emerald needs to be set and maintained by a qualified jeweller or gemstone setter with experience in how to handle this precious yet slightly delicate gem.

This amazing set of three Emeralds is from the famous Muzo mine in Colombia. These stones feature a bright, almost neon green with outstanding clarity and NO OIL TREATMENT. Price is for the set.




Stone :


 Natural Emerald



Stone 1: 5.20mm

Stone 2: 3.65mm

Stone 3: 3.68mm



Stone 1: 3.80mm

Stone 2: 3.40mm

Stone 3: 3.62mm






Deep, vivid green

Carat Weight:


Stone 1: 0.35ct

Stone 2: 0.21ct

Stone 3: 0.19ct

Total weight: 0.75ct



 7.5 to 8 on Mohs Scale



 Emerald Cut




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